Herein I am supposed to describe the totality of who I am in several sentences. In essence, answer the question that brought you to this page.

MikeWho am I?

In the greater scheme, no one of consequence. Just a voice calling in the wilderness.

However, I do like sharing some of the things that I love to do with others.

If curiosity is a disease then writing is one of its symptoms.

Out of all the things I’ve done, this is probably the one I’ve performed the most for the longest amount of time. Like many writers, I’ve been creating stories from an early age. I’m confident that I do it well, but I can’t say if I am really any good at it. Many people have complimented it and I have even won some awards, including a first place title at a writer’s convention and an honorable mention in a national writing contest on my first submittal. Included in my works are four novels with one in publication.

Which means little unless you like reading.

When it comes to learning, there are few things that I don’t find fascinating. When I likened curiosity to disease, it wasn’t far from the truth. My only argument for immortality is all the stuff I want to learn.

While it may not mean that I have any particular expertise in all the subjects I dip my toes in, most of my education has been dedicated to the study of human behavior. It also constitutes a large amount of my current and past professions which includes a successful coaching business.

I still coach, though not formally. I also am passionate about training and talking about what makes us, us.

What does this mean?

Absolutely nothing…. Unless you are interested in this sort of stuff.

If so, let me know.


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