World Building in the Digital Age

ImageSo . . .

After several questions and criticisms surrounding the density of some of the material in my novel, especially in the prologue, I thought it might be beneficial to post some reference information on the setting.

I have created a page called: The World of Arquilon, which I will use to add information about the world in which the novels, short stories, and novelettes are set.

A note about world building, especially in the digital age.

When I started writing the novel, Threads of Chaos, in 1996, I already had several short stories written within the several settings that eventually became the world of Arquilon. These I transcribed into my first functional computer. Part of the difficulty in writing the book was building onto these small frames of reference and weaving them into a living, breathing place for my characters to interact. That is part of the reason that it took five years to write.

I have hand drawn maps, descriptions, notes, etc. Most of the information was, again, placed into the confines of a computer. Scads and scads of it, including cultural distinctions, weather patterns, races, settings, and even translations, definitions and pronunciation guides. All the things that, while boring, make the world.

Unfortunately, most of that information has been lost over time. Some of it due to hardware failure, but also through moves and general technological upgrades. For example, I do have several chapters of the book that is to come after these first two novels that I have managed to move from upgrade to upgrade. However, when I attempted to access them, the newer programs translated them into several pages of small squares.

Mores the pity.

At any rate, now that I my first novel has been published and I am working on the companion novel, I am attempting to rebuild all that information that has been lost.

Hence the new page.

My goal is to not only rebuild the information lost, but put it in a format that will help readers understand the world a little better and, hopefully, make for more exciting reading.

Thanks again for those that are enjoying my novels and stories and I hope you enjoy the new page!

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