What I Would Do If I Were Wealthy . . . .

ImageFor the most part, I don’t want my life to be about money. But at some point, someone asks us the question: “What would you do if you (won the lottery, became wealthy, etc)?”

What would I do if I were wealthy?

I would build a house with a room dedicated to LEGOs and invite friends and family over two or three times a month just to play with them. Not just because LEGOs are cool, but to explore the imagination that we’ve traded in for the responsibilities of being adults; to remember what it is to be a kid.

I would pay off the debilitating student loans of my friends who were betrayed by the promise of that ‘great career’ and are now enslaved under the crushing weight of financial stress. I’d do it quietly, anonymously, so that they might have a renewed faith in human beings and their own lives.

I would set up trust funds for my children and make sure they didn’t know about it so they wouldn’t become entitled slobs and not learn what it is to try and make ends meet on a tight budget just because they were waiting around for a handout.

I would adopt the local schools and provide for them all the crap that they ask hard working families to provide every year because there is no funding for it. I would make sure they had the ability to offer writing, art, dance, stage, and even P.E. classes. Better yet, I would adopt the teachers and find a way to enhance their take home pay like it should be.

I would do everything that I love to do without worrying about how much time I should be working and making money no matter how much I don’t want a life defined by it.



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