Depression as a . . . Social Disease.

ImageDepression is big news in our society. It’s difficult to go through a day without seeing or hearing something about it, usually in the form of medication. These pharmaceutically based advertisements would have us believe that the cause of depression is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. However, most of the information out there shows that while a chemical imbalance is a factor, it is not known what the cause of depression is.

We live in a society that has conflicting social mores. We grow up in a system that gives us all kinds of messages that we can be whatever we want to be. We are also bombarded by what classifies as socially successful. We must look certain ways and must follow certain monetary paths.

In a ‘throw and go’ society like ours, these messages can be very conflicting and next to impossible to obtain. When we are faced with what success ‘looks’ like and are led to believe that it can be obtained, maybe easily, is it any wonder why depression hits quickly when we don’t attain this in a quick fashion. The bar is set very high.

Could it be that the major factor in depression isn’t necessarily brain chemistry? Is it possible that the reality of life versus the illusion that we are shown everyday creates the problem simply due to the conflict of trying to equate this in our minds; trying to achieve this goal of the American lifestyle portrayed by the media?

Just a thought.


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