Am I a Writer???

This is a murky swamp of a thing, like trying to define other ambiguous terms like Love.


The short answer is: if you write, you are a writer. Of course, that is over simplifying things a bit. But I will argue that is true. However, let’s narrow this field a bit more. Let’s assume that there is at least a more basic requirement here. If you write letters to others, write your name, etc. that doesn’t qualify. If you write stories, essays, blogs, and things like that, then you are a writer.


Recently, I was asked to review a book on Amazon by a would be author. After just seeing the title, I decided against it. How can I judge a book based on the title?  Because there is a lot in a title. However, since I don’t want to be second guessed myself, I decided to take a look a little deeper. After reading a bit of the premise and introduction (this happened to be non-fiction) I put it aside, decided against reviewing it.

Let me be clear about something. As far as I’m concerned, your writing is sacrosanct. If you feel the need to write a story or essay, fiction or nonfiction, and you do so, you are a writer.


In this world of technology where we can throw any and all ideas against the virtual wall and have them stick, the question isn’t whether you can, it is whether you should.

Writing is a skill, and skills have to be developed, practiced, and honed. Unfortunately, there are quite a few people out there that do not either think so, or think that is a step that can be skipped. Does that mean I am a purist? I don’t think so. When I started writing as a child, I believe that I was a writer then. But I don’t believe that I should have been a published writer.


i have a problem when people writer there great treatise on whatever they think is a great treatise and then dont understand the mechanix behind the writtin language because my ideas are beyond the writing itself and you should understand that as a artist it is my right to display my art in whatever *medium* i want to and the message is the most important peace not the delivery method!

Is that a pretty sight?

If you do not have a basic working knowledge of grammar, spelling, capitalizing, sentence structure, formatting AND you don’t have any inclination to get one. You are NOT a writer!

If you are not going to edit your work, believing that your first draft is good enough, that your ideas are complete, then . . . . You are NOT a writer!

If you write a non-fiction piece that is full of absolutisms that are not supported by anything other than your whiney, self-involved pain AND it is meant to be taken seriously as a fact based exposition, then . . . . You are NOT a writer!

If you write a fiction piece that is a superfluous string of clichés and pop culture references and think it is a plot, then . . . .

Do you have to be an expert? No. I am certainly not one. If you are going to be a carpenter or a doctor, you have to get the tools, learn how to use them, and continue to practice. It is no different for writing. So, are you a writer? If you are seriously practicing, then . . . .

Well, are you?

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