Resort my ass . . .

So, I got to spend the night at a resort hotel in Phoenix this past week in order to attend a training seminar about anger management. It was very nice as you would expect, plenty of lights and fountains and walkways and mini parks all arranged up the side of a large hill in an eye-pleasing, somewhat maze-like extravagance that only a resort hotel can deliver. The suite we stayed in (my boss an me) was also large with three separate rooms and a back patio on which a small table and chair set sat. Of course, everyone was very nice and helpful, though we did have to call for maidservice to complete some undone work in the bathroom – Ok, actually, it was my boss, who is known for his OCD tendancies. I couldn’t care less.

I’ve stayed in these places before, of course, but I just realized on this particular jaunt how much more comfortable I would have been in a Motel 6 or something of that sort. Other than the ‘largeness’ of the suite, there is one thing that I found particularly irksome, probably only due to the comparison I connected with smaller motels.

Resorts, as it happens, charge you for EVERYTHING. Internet was provided via ethernet cable (only one hook up) at a cost of about $13 a night. The refrigerater and wet bar were tagged shut and everything in them, even the water, started a $2.50. I would not have been surprised to find a coin operated toilet and tissue dispenser in the bathroom. I bought a 32 oz iced chai tea at a local Starbucks, not even two miles from the place, for $2.50. There was a Starbucks in the resort that we found on the seminar day that offered an iced chai tea in a 16 oz cup for $4.25 and that was their largest drink size.

Again, it wasn’t something I hadn’t known about. It was something that I realized. Something that just struck me as odd. Here I was, surrounded by all this opulence and getting my pocket picked at every turn. Not to say that it wasn’t enjoyable, just ironic. . . .

2 thoughts on “Resort my ass . . .”

  1. They could at least have flashing lights and bells going off so that you fell like you won something every time. But then the never ending cascade of bells and lights would drive you mad!

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