Threads of Chaos: Book of the South on sale now at 10% of all proceeds will be donated to cancer/disease research!

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Five years ago, a single sword thrust shattered the World. For three days the Lands were cast into darkness as the realm twisted and turned upon itself, shook and ripped. Cities were destroyed by fire, swallowed by the land, and sank into the sea while the twin moons, one behind the other, glared balefully down from the heavens. A Great Wound opened in the earth and continues to spew corruption and Chaos into the remnants as strange weather scours what was left. In the wake of the cataclysmic changes, powerful beings have taken control of the Northern Lands and created an empire from the ashes of the once peaceful land of Hedric while the peoples of the world struggle to adjust and wait for the coming of The Owl, a supposed savior or destroyer. In the meantime, one of the only remaining Earthmothers must find a way to Heal the Wound that is slowly killing the already ailing World . . . .


Prelude Title Page_edited-1Events are coming together rapidly. Decisions have to be made. For one Guardian, its not about deciding, but about preparing. What will be the consequences?

This short ‘teaser’ story is a preamble to the novel, Threads of Chaos: Book of the South, by award winning author J. Michael Gorday

Available at

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